Price List 2019

Short Tours/ Guided:

  • 30€ per person
  • 1st child (3-12 yrs) free
  • each further child: 10€
    1/2 Day (3h00):
    • 45€ pp
    • 25€/child (3-12 yrs)
    • 60€ pp
    • 30€/child (4-12 yrs)
    1 Day (6h00): 
    • 85€ pp
    • 40€/child (4-12 yrs)

    Important notes

    1. All our tours start with a minimum of 2 adults or the equivalent amount.
    2. Children (max. 40kg weight) can ride, each on his donkey; adults lead the donkeys or walk free and... relax deeply.
    3. All prices include tour guide, donkey rent, introduction to donkey handling & local snack.
    4. Please wear sturdy shoes, clothes that dont mind dust, bring sun protection and eventually repellent.
    5. All 3h00 and more hours tours we have time for a snack break. Therefore you can bring your own food or order a lunch pack from our vegetarian/vegan partner restaurant Onda Natural.One drink per person is included.
    Quick reference
    Tour 1 - Inspiring Bath in Mother Nature & Soft Green Hills
    1h30 - 3h00 - 4h30 - 1 Day; start/end donkey farm
    Tour 2 - Through Nature Park to Amoreira Beach
    4h30: Start/End 8.3km from the donkey farm; requires 40€ suplement for the donkey transfer to the meeting point.
    1 Day: Start/End Donkey Farm; free of suplement

    Short Tours/ Self guided:

    1-3 days: 

    • 65 €/donkey/day

    4 and more days:

    • Jan-June & Sept-Dec: 60 €/donkey/ day

    Price includes donkey rent, introduction to donkey handling, map (on loan), roadbook, day-by-day doc, tour assistance, accident insurance. Additional costs: arrival/departure at/from Aljezur, acommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch pack, dinner), transfers, eventually donkey transport.

    Prices for 2 and more days - welcome to contact us! 
    Phone [+351] 282 998 020
    Mobile [+351] 967 145 306