Traditional Arts Workshops

Traditional Arts and Crafts

Atelier - Workshops -  Recreational Events

Our activities:
1. Recreational Tourism - Workshops
Offer your guests something extra.
Everyone can participate from 4 years of age, families and groups are welcome.

You can choose from amongst the various arts and crafts described below and make your choice.
We want to fit in with you.
Duration: 1:30 hrs / 2:00 hrs (approx.)

2. Recreational Events / Birthday Parties / Entertainment / Street Fairs

If there are too many participants you are invited to watch patiently and wait your turn.
For all ages, but priority is given to children with parents waiting.
This generates an environment of creativity and fun, together with the ability to execute your own creations, success is guaranteed.
You can choose from pottery, felt-making, face painting,and other arts and crafts as described below.
Unlimited participation

3. Workshops for Traditional Arts and Crafts / Schools

Students explore their creativity and learn some techniques from various arts.
As extra-curricular activities to enrich skills in a relaxed atmosphere, learn some ancient techniques thus contributing to the enhancement of our cultural heritage, their knowledge and traditions.
Usually resulting in exhibitions of their work in schools they attend.
Include all materials, tools, equipment and props necessary for the activiies.


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